You can reach us by:
Email: Support@idispatch.com or info@idispatch.com

We are a 21st century company with over 20 years of experience in the trucking industry. We are family of truck drivers with a long history driving trucks and tracking load

Our site and application will have a GPS feature (with the consent of the driver) that will allow the customer to see the truck driver's progress

The Broker / Shipper that posts the shipment will directly negotiate the terms with the person or company that posted the vehicle. We will help to expedite the paperwork and shipping information, if necessary

Once you list your vehicle(s) on our site, you can look through our list of shipments to find a match.

Anyone who owns a vehicle. New drivers. Established truck drivers. Single vehicle owners. Multiple Truck Owners ,Carriers.

No. You can list your vehicle directly with us.

Once you post your shipment on our site, you can look through our lists of vehicles to find a match.

Anyone. Brokers. Shippers. Small businesses. Large businesses. Individuals.

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