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  • Posted By Admin Posted Date Jul 13, 2018
    Android Driver Tracking App to Improve Your Bottom Line

    With real-time vehicle locations, live traffic conditions and on-the-fly rerouting capabilities, an Android driver tracking app lets you track where your assets and driver are and what they are doing at a particular point of time.


    Mobile adaptive technologies play a key role in providing managers complete control over their fleet. By showing you shortest route to your destination, an Android driver tracking app helps you save on fuel consumption and unnecessary overtime costs.


    Time is money, and no one understands it better than the people in transportation business. There are occasions when your fleet gets stuck in the traffic for long. With proper fleet management strategy, you can guide your truck drivers to avoid busy roads in real-time.


    Efficiently manage fleet staff


    With Android driver tracking app, you can streamline all your operations from a centralized system. Reducing downtime holds the key to improving the productivity and profitability both. A good free driver tracking app will help you make well-informed decisions and schedule trips in an efficient manner, thus reducing the downtime of your fleet of trucks.


    Some of the key benefits of a driver and fleet tracking app are summarized below:


      • Everything is organized and stored online


      • Real time collaboration with in-field personnel is possible


      • Deviation and unauthorized tips can be tracked.


      • You get notified whenever an issue crops up, facilitating quick response.


      • Driver can validate where he was with proof


      • Your truck’s miles, routes and purpose are accurately recorded.


    When drivers know that their actions are being monitored, they work hard to follow the rules of the road. Good driving habits result in less maintenance and repair costs.


    Less costs of insurance premiums


    No company in transportation business can survive without a driver tracking app especially if the competitors are already having one. Insurers too are increasingly using telematics as a means of judging exactly how much of a risk drivers pose. Those who remain safe in all situations won’t be paying hiked premiums.


    iDisptach free Android driver tracking app automatically records all your vehicle’s trips and uploads them online for backup, management, sharing and report generation. These reports provide insights on driver tracking behavior such as harsh braking or over speeding. With the data obtained from your fleet management app, you can utilize your resources effectively and identify key money saving areas. You can also reward the drivers for their good behavior, like minimum idling time and on time delivery.


    Be more predictable


    Uncertainty in a logistics, fleet management and transportation business is a big No. Be more predictable by providing your customers estimated time of arrival (ETA), real-time tracking info and other details related to the delivery of their consignment.


    The app works wherever you go. All the history data are with you, updated, secure and on your fingertips. You can add and delete trucks and drivers as per need. You can also monitor the position of other company’s vehicles (with their permission) with iDispatch driver tracking app to provide seamless experience to your customers.



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