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  • Posted By Admin Posted Date Jun 28, 2018
    Business Benefits of Fleet Tracking App for Transportation Companies

    Fleet management apps are changing the way fleet managers and truck drivers go about their daily business. You can see real-time driving routes and locations for each driver in your fleet, down to a specific parking lot. You can also track the speed at which the vehicles in your fleet are moving, alerting the drivers in good time for being reckless.


    Adding a fleet tracking app to your driver’s phone can be the smartest thing a fleet manager can do.  A free tracking app for drivers allows the fleet managers to keep an eye on the movement of drivers and vehicles sans the typical high cost of the traditional GPS tracking solutions.


    Digital trail to track the drivers and fleet


    Sometimes, it can be hard for a transportation and logistics company’s employees to collaborate while out of the office, but with a free tracking app for drivers, you can communicate and collaborate in real time with your truck drivers. A tracking app allows you to break down the barriers and enables enhanced workflow and efficiency, all the while creating a digital trail of all the phases of a job.


    The fleet managers can extract reports on driving habits by analyzing the trip data for speeding, harsh breaking, rapid acceleration or dangerous cornering. The app also stores data to find long term driver and location specific trends. Safer driving prevents accidents, saves time and money involved in repairing or replacing a truck and also results in low insurance costs.


    An important benefit of free tracking app for drivers is that it results in increased productivity. Studies show that a vehicle can complete one additional stop per week on an average if live tracking is enabled. 




    Driver overtime rates can be quite steep and without a driver tracking app, you can’t know whether or not the overtime is necessary. A truck driver tracking app will save you from being billed for unnecessary overtime.


    Reinforcing positive business outcomes


    Having a truck driver tracking app that provides you visibility of all your fleet activity provides you access to quality business intelligence at your fingertips. Fleet managers can ensure that the jobs are profitable by tracking expenses throughout. They can see patterns and trends in the jobs performed by the truck drivers which will help them curtail poor decisions that do not turn out to be profitable, and reinforce positive business decisions.


    Single entry point of data increases accuracy and decreases errors


    You can keep your customers happy by arriving on-time and quickly in case of an emergency. Resource and labor allocation also benefits from single entry point of data as complex job information flows through the application rather than having to be keyed in or hand written for each phase of a job order.


    Increase bottom line


    iDispatch tracking app comes with additional feature of company to company tracking. With permission, you can track drivers working with another company. With better routing and reduced overtime, iDispatch driver tracking app would pay for itself in no time and then you can focus on utilizing the functionalities of the app to grow your business and ROI, both.



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