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  • Posted By Admin Posted Date May 10, 2018
    Free Driver Tracking App for Android – Tap on Additional Business Streams

    Reducing downtime holds the key to improving the productivity and profitability of a transportation company. Free driver tracking app for Android and iOS allows the fleet managers take well informed decisions and schedule trips more efficiently. The app allows a company to get detailed insights on driver behavior, fuel usage and engine idling, in real time. This will help a company utilize its resources more efficiently and identify the key saving areas. Truck driver tracking apps for mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular solution for the fleet managers who need to monitor the performance of their drivers and trucks.

    iDisptach is an innovative driver tracking app that allows the companies in transportation and logistics business to track the movements of their trucks and drivers with ease. The app provides important safety functions for a business and drivers as well. It helps you tap on the additional business streams, and protect the drivers against false complaints of overcharges and services not rendered.

    Key features of iDispatch free driver tracking app for Android and iOS:

    • The app shows the shortest and best routes with less traffic for the destination, allowing you to reduce fuel consumption, operating costs and unnecessary overtime costs.

    • The fleet managers can see where exactly the employee is – inside the business zone or outside of it.

    • Real time driver tracking provides accurate information on trips and driver’s location.

    • Important information on trip numbers and trucks can be obtained with ease.

    • Alarm feature notifies the company if a driver doesn’t cover a specified distance in certain time.

    • Companies can send and receive messages from drivers with custom alert feature for emergency.

    • Fleet managers can see record of the driver’s past activities.

    • You can validate with proof that the driver was where he said he was.

    • Company can send pick up and drop addresses to the drivers.

    • With permission, a company can track the drivers working with another company.

    With a free driver tracking app for iOS, a driver on the road can send a clocking in status at the start of their duty shift, which helps with the hours of service compliance which are crucial for a company in transportation business. One can reward and potentially incentivize the driving behavior. For example, the driver with lowest idle time, and the ones covering specified distance within specified time receive gift cards.

    iDispatch free driver tracking app for Android is able to see where the driver currently is and provide estimated time of arrival to the customers so that they don’t have to continually call or interrupt the driver. The app provides quick directions to the lost drivers on where to go from the current location.

    Save on vehicle insurance costs

    What’s more, insurance companies provide special discounts on the vehicles equipped with a driver tracking app. You can reduce your premium amount by as much as 35%, which is another great advantage of having a driver tracking app.

    Stay competitive by streamlining your transportation business with iDisptach free driver tracking app for Android and iOS. You will not only be able to optimize your transportation operations but also deliver superior customer service and also keep your staff happy.


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