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  • Posted By Admin Posted Date Apr 24, 2018
    How a tracking app provides business and safety benefits to trucking companies

    Truck driver tracking doesn’t just help the fleet managers, it also improves the driver safety and vehicle’s performance. Monitoring a driver’s driving history with a tracking app can help in identifying the poor driving habits and address them appropriately in good time. Since the driver know that he is being tracked and monitored, he becomes more accountable and takes greater care not to go over the speed limit, apply brakes too hard or do the activities that constitute dangerous driving.

    Optimized performance and reduced cost

    A truck driver tracking app helps maximize the efficiency and productivity of the drivers as it makes them take the most efficient route that results in minimized consumption of fuel. Since the app assigns closest truck to the client’s location, the driver reaches there in the least amount of time. More the driver becomes familiar with the features of truck tracking app, the more they are able to enhance their performance. Some companies even reward their drivers for saving fuels, which not only reinforces their good behavior but also boosts their confidence.

    With our iDispatch truck driver tracking app, we have made driver tracking smooth and easier for the transport companies. The app comes with many useful features for the fleet managers, drivers and customers that not only improve customer satisfaction level but also the performance of drivers.

    Here are some of the key benefits of iDispatch truck driver tracking app:

    • Improved fuel efficiency

    • Better road awareness

    • Increased driver productivity

    • Real time tracking of truck drivers

    • Reduced operational costs

    • Alarm feature to keep track of drivers

    • Optimized vehicle performance

    • Superior driver experience

    • Company to company tracking

    • Lower insurance costs

    With digitized records, we have minimized the use of paperwork. With GPS tracking installed, fleet managers can conveniently access all the data from a single dashboard interface. Digitization also significantly reduces dispatch and billing inaccuracies.

    Delivering customer convenience

    Leveraging the capabilities of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), iDispatch tracking app makes your shipments more reliable and your trucks safer. The ability to monitor the trucks in real-time helps cut in unnecessary fleet costs and saves money. Customers expect instant gratification these days. With iDisapatch, a transport company can deliver the customers convenience they have grown to expect, such as delivery confirmation and up-to-the-minute tracking of the vehicle.

    Saving time and money

    Fleet managers can schedule their drivers more efficiently using iDispatch. They can easily know where exactly the driver is, what he is doing and how long he has been doing that activity. Having too many people on a task is just as bad as not having enough workers. If something goes wrong with a truck, the fleet manager can send a replacement truck which is closest to that truck. This is another way to save time and money.

    A customer or fleet manager need not call the driver to get status update. They can just track the location of a truck in real time by logging into their iDispatch account.

    With improved performance, higher level of consistency and reliability, quicker deliveries, lower fuel costs and better driver behavior, fleet managers using iDispatch will be able to keep their customers satisfied and happy.


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