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  • Posted By Admin Posted Date May 24, 2018
    How iDispatch simplifies the Business of Tracking Fleets on the go

     As an owner of a trucking business, you’re always looking for new ways to streamline fleet management and improve your trucker’s productivity.


    Well, we’ve got an engaging and simple way that’ll let you track and manage your truckers in real time.


    Presenting to you iDispatch—a fresh and free driver tracking app for Android and iOS.


    Through this app, you’ll spend less time worrying where your driver is because this thing tracks everything ranging from your driver’s existing location to the truck’s speed. Just like a boss. So, overall, with this app, you’ll give less time on managing truckers and more on growing your business.


    Up next, we’ll list all the benefits that make this app amazing in every sense of the word.



    Tracking drivers in real time, every time


    This app lets you track your driver’s location and speed in real time. Besides, the app even gives super-accurate information on the trips that a driver has taken for a specific period. That way, you’ll streamline a trucker’s billing.


    Making company-to-company tracking a possibility


    The app empowers you to get connected with the drivers of another trucking business. (However, for that, you need to take the permission of the other trucking business first.) So, in a way, this app lets you create a whole new always-evolving network of truckers.


    Staying in touch with your driver gets simpler


    With this app, you’ll connect with the trucker anytime, anywhere. You, or anyone from your transport company for that matter, can send messages to drivers and vice versa. What else? The app even lets the drivers send custom alerts if there’s an emergency.


    Getting the reports on driver activities and movements


    The app allows you to retrieve a driver’s activities—including the speed and their other movements—for the last 24 hours. With this data, you’ll get sharp insights into a driver’s productivity and how it can be improved.


    Becoming a database for storing critical driver-specific data


    Since it’s storing driver-related data points, you’re in a way creating a big database of truckers and other trip-specific details. For instance, this app can serve as a database where you can know which driver took how many trips.


    Sending an address to the driver


    Through this app, you’ll get a “send address” feature that’ll allow you to forward a shipment address to the driver. Now, once you forward that address and the driver acknowledges the message, the navigation toward that specific address will be activated.


    Coming with an alarm feature


    It may happen that a driver doesn’t cover a specific distance within an established time frame. So how’d you know whether your trucker covered did that within the set time? Well, yeah, it was a bit difficult but not now. How? This app has an alarm feature that’ll notify you whenever your trucker falls short of meeting a target.


    Now, seriously, there are a lot of reasons why your smartphone should have this app.


    So, what’s delay? Get this fleet tracking mobile app to stay on top of all the things that are on the road.


    Download it now!





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