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  • Posted By Admin Posted Date Jun 14, 2018
    iDispatch is About to Take Your Business’s Productivity to the Next Level

    A transport business, like yours, needs to do a lot of monitoring.


    Like, drivers and fleets and whatnot. Everything has to be monitored to make sure that the shipment reaches on time.


    But here comes a reality check. A transportation company that just spends time monitoring fleets and drivers doesn’t implement real growth strategies. It doesn’t have the time to do that.


    That’s how many of these businesses lose big opportunities. Worst of all, that’s exactly how most of them end.


    Does any of this resonate?




    Well, then, you must be looking for a solution.


    Great! Because we’ve got one for you.


    A solution that’ll be huge bang for your buck, we promise.


    Make the move to the innovative world of iDispatch


    What if there’s an app to take care of monitoring business?


    If that kind of automation happens, think about all the man-hours you can invest on growing your business.


    You’ll actually have the time to create and deploy growth strategies. You’ll have the time to see which ones work and which ones don’t.


    In short, you’ll have the time to test those strategies that’ll take your business’s productivity to the next level. For real.


    That’s what iDispatch does.


    It’s a driver tracker app that’ll let your business max out its productivity in record time.




    It just manages fleet monitoring, like a boss.


    Up next, we’re giving insights into all the different features of this app.


    With these features, the app will monitor your drivers in real time.


    Top three iDispatch highlights that take transportation businesses to new heights


    Track drivers in real time every time


    This app reveals your driver’s accurate location and speed limit while they’re on the move.


    Inter-company tracking is possible, now


    Just get the permission from other company. Once that’s done, you can assign jobs to other drivers and track them.


    This way, collaboration gets better, simpler, and faster.


    Alarm features that boost a driver’s productivity


    In the real world, drivers sometimes don’t cover a specific distance within a defined time period.


    That means the shipment gets delayed. But, with iDispatch, delays like that go down by a wide margin.


    Yes. With this app, you’ll get notified every time a driver skips a deadline or doesn’t cover a specified distance on time.




    So, considering everything, your transportation business needs to spend less time on monitoring and more time on growing.


    Your business will experience this skyrocketed growth when you’ll automate driver tracking and monitoring.


    And, finally, when it comes to tracking drivers, get iDispatch.


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