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  • Posted By Admin Posted Date Jun 01, 2018
    Meet Innovation in Tracking with Smarter Approach to Fleet Management

    Fleet management is challenging and equally complicated too.  It includes the management of fleet belonging to a company, such as tracking the trucks, management of staff (drivers, but also mechanics in some organizations), fuel, maintenance, safety, ROI, etc. Getting the optimized performance from a fleet is anything but easy for a company in transportation and logistics business. Fuel costs, time constraints, workforce and vehicle availability, the ability of the management to multitask – are all to mention but a few factors that impact the output of a fleet.


    Customers want more information, quicker responses and faster service. With so many responsibilities, how can you maximize the efficiency of your fleet keeping the costs within budget?


    We’re here to help you to set up your transportation business for success.


    iDispatch tracking app comes with unique driving detection that automatically starts recording positions, so no trip records are ever lost. You can analyze driving routes and travel time to and between your customers to save on expenses. Decreased travel time means the driver will be able to deliver earlier, which enhances customer satisfaction level.


    Real time overview of your fleet


    If fleet managers are not aware of what’s really happening out in the field then it may result in poor productivity, missed opportunities and unnecessary expenses. iDispatch free driving tracking app can help you change all this by providing a 360-degree view of your entire fleet of trucks. It makes it super simple to for business managers to get real-time location and status update of the driver’s activities.


    Here are some of the benefits that you can leverage from iDispatch free iOS driver tracking app:


    Locate nearest driver and vehicle


    Real time location


    Work 24 x 7 from any device


    Fleet reports


    Driving history


    Driver messaging


    Customizable alerts


    Reports on driver activities and movements


    Location based information is significant for proper routing to prevent excess fuel consumption, idling time and overtime usage. When the drivers know that their activities are being tracked and monitored, they tend to use the company’s resources efficiently and improve their driving behavior. On-demand information, activity reports and alerts enable well informed business decisions to be made quickly in order to run the most efficient fleet possible.


    Fleet performance optimization


    iDispatch free iOS driver tracking app updates data from the vehicles regarding their location, direction, speed, etc.  It combines fuel transactions, driving style, maintenance, engine start and off, idling time, maintenance and administrative data for the business managers to extract useful insights on how the fleet is performing. The intelligent analytics provided by the app will help you drive your business forward.


    Be informed and alerted on how your drivers actually drive on the roads. Know which driver causes you highest maintenance expenses from harsh driving so that you can take corrective measures to address these bad habits from damaging your vehicle, and even more, the reputation of your brand.


    Now, you will always be in the know of what is going on in the field and dispatch more efficiently. iDispatch free tracking app runs quite fast on iOS and supports both small and large business fleets.



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