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    On-the-go tracking for efficient fleet management

    Business happens in real time, and so should your tracking app. A trucking app helps keep track of drivers, trucks, loads and finances.  Fleet managers can improve customer service and reduce driver downtime and improved behavior. The app allows the business managers to stay in know about driver behavior and activities of the trucks with real-time alerts.


    Fleet tracking can be cumbersome if you are not using the right tracking app. GPS tracking helps you maintain control over your assets and is highly beneficial for the businesses in moving inventory. A tracking app is invaluable for the businesses that wholly rely on timely execution and efficient performance.


    Stay on top of customer expectations


    Real time tracking of the fleet, speed, fuel consumption and job progress can help you stay on top of customer expectations and build repeat business.


    Our free tracking app is cloud based, means all data syncs across any device used by the fleet managers, be it smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop. iDispatch free tracking app provides comprehensive truck and driver information right on your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.  As you know when a truck will arrive at a location, coordinating the next load and keeping the truck moving profitably becomes easier with a fleet driver tracking app.


    The app provides a cleaner picture of real-time location and driving behaviors such as over speeding, idling or personal stoppages, something that OBD hardware solutions miss.


    Here are the key benefits of using iDispatch free tracking app:

    View real-time information of active, on-duty drivers

    Message a driver with important information

    Track every trip the drivers take and find nearby drivers

    See driver trips and routes on the map

    Incentivize safe driving behavior

    See how your drivers stack up to each other with standardized scoring

    Get a quick overview of all vehicle status to see who is driving, stopping or has the ignition on/off etc.

    Track drivers of other companies or allow your drivers’ tracking by other companies with full or limited access

    View driver’s behavior and history of activity.

    Every part of the client’s interaction with you has an influence on their perception about your business, be it booking to communication, execution and final delivery. iDispatch free truck tracking app provides you complete control of every step of the process, and helps avert delays or omissions to ensure  favorable outcomes for business and positive impression from the clients. The app reduces traffic violations and accidents by recognizing unsafe driver behavior.  Moreover, in case of an untoward incident, you can provide direct assistance and support to your drivers.


    Meeting the regulatory compliance


    Our free tracking app puts you in the passenger seat and allows for sophisticated asset tracking. iDispatch truck tracking app is designed to help you stay compliant of insurance and other regulatory requirements. With iDispatch, transport companies can eliminate business discrepancies with digital timekeeping and reduce dispatch inaccuracies.


    Get appreciation from the customers by providing them the visibility of the exact time of the arrival of their consignment, instead of a 1 pm to 5 pm time slot. Beat the competition with iDispatch truck driver tracking app by streamlining your transportation business.



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