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  • Posted By Admin Posted Date Jul 20, 2018
    Streamline your Fleet Management Efforts with Free Tracking App for Drivers

    As a fleet manager, if you are not aware of what is really happening out in the field, it will result in poor performance, unnecessary costs and missed opportunities for you. This all could be changed with iDispatch free tracking app for drivers that provides a full 360 degree view of your fleet’s daily operations and driver behavior.


    The app lets you know where your drivers are and instantly notifies you when an order is delivered. It provides you full control and visibility over crew operations in real-time.


    Reduce customer calls


    The app is cloud –based, means all data syncs across any devices used for the job, be it a smartphone, tablet or computer. You can optimize every aspect of your fleet operations with the help of this driver tacking app.


    Key features of iDispatch free driver tracking app


    •Track your vehicle’s current location, speed and distance anytime, anywhere


    •Access your dashboard on your smartphone, tablet or any other web-enabled device


    •Monitor all your vehicles on single map, updated live to the minute


    •No expensive hardware needed as iDispatch free tracking app for drivers can be used on iPhone and Android devices


    •Monitor, message and re-route your drivers on the go


    •The nearest vehicle feature organizes your fleet vehicles according to proximity and current trajectory


    •Accommodate changing delivery schedules and manage delays


    •Alerts for unwanted behavior allow you to curb harsh braking, over speeding, idling and personal stops


    •You can track hundreds and thousands of drivers as the solution scales to your needs


    Impress your customers with faster response times to service calls. The fleet drivers’ tracking app allows you to dispatch more efficiently improve customer service and save on your operational costs.


    You can save significantly on your annual fuel bill by reducing excessive idling, speeding and driving times. You can track truck’s performance and driving behaviors down to an individual driver. Our free tracking app for drivers allows you to manage your fleet operations in a highly efficient manner. You can assign the drivers appropriately and resolve the problem of over staffing or under staffing.


    The custom reports will let you analyze employee performance so that you can ensure that everyone is giving their best shot.


    Ready for anything


    iDispatch truck driver tracking app helps the fleet managers in minimizing the impact of delays and other unforeseen disruptions to your service with advanced routing and communication tools. You can proactively manage and solve the on-field situations quicker so that the customers have the minimum impact.


    Reduce insurance premiums


    The history reports that provide proof of safe driving behavior of your drivers will help on lowering your insurance premiums as improvements will be reflected in your insurance plans. With GPS fleet tracking, it becomes easier to track your stolen vehicle. This enhances chances of vehicle recovery and reduced insurance claim costs.


    Personalize your service


    The app allows you to respond quicker and meet the specific demand of customers. You can include special customer requests with the driver route information. With personalized service and easy to do little things, you can significantly enhance customer satisfaction level.


    Dispatch and deliver what the customer wants, making arrangements as timely and convenient as possible with iDispatch free tracking app for drivers.



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