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  • Posted By Admin Posted Date Jun 28, 2018
    Your Fleet, Powered by Our Free Android Driver Tracking App

    Traditional GPS tracking options can be expensive as OBD hardware and its installation across the entire fleet of vehicles can be a costly affair. iDispatch Android free driver tracking app is not only a viable alternative to the traditional GPS tracking system but also helps in improving the fleet safety and productivity.


    iDispatch free driver tracking app allows you to see alerts triggered by customized company rules and make dynamic decisions based on real-time access and convenience of smart phones. Business happens in real-time and so should your truck driver tracking solutions. Stay in know about the driver behavior and fleet activity with real-time text and email alerts. The alert feature is designed to keep the fleets performing optimally so that businesses can avoid costly repairs later. You can set the alert for maintenance by days or mileage. You can choose the people to be notified by alert for maintenance to ensure the completion of task and accountability.


    Streamlined operations and communications


    The nearest vehicle feature allows you to organize your fleet vehicles according to proximity and current trajectory. One can monitor, message and re-route drivers in quick and easy way. iDispatch free driver tracking app puts you in the passenger’s seat for maintaining transparency and streamlining communication between you and your fleet of trucks.


    The app is cloud based, means all data syncs across any device used for the job, be it smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. The app allows you optimize every aspect of your fleet operations. The powerful driver tracking app helps the fleet managers to improve business outcomes, streamline fleet management efforts and reduce driver downtime. It tracks the vehicles on an online map in real-time.


    With iDispatch Android free driver tracking app, you can:

    •Assign drivers to fleet and allocate delivery and pickup tasks

    •Map driver routes for every event

    •Identify productive and unproductive drivers

    •Manage drivers, customers and fleet

    •Monitor risky driving behavior

    •Keep assets compliant and maintained

    •Stay mobile whilst managing your fleet, allowing the real-time reporting on the go


    The app allows fleet manager to gather all details about the driver. One can activate and deactivate a driver from the admin dashboard. You need not ask the driver for the summary of their trip. Just login to the admin panel to fetch trip summary based on the driver or fleet. If a customer complains that the goods were not received on time, you can check stoppage report easily.


    Improved business outcomes


    One can view your fleet’s location in real-time with easy to use map feature including vehicle’s address, speed, recent events and direction, all within the same screen. The app can be used to give specific feedback to the drivers on how to improve, which could lead to fewer accidents. It makes the fleet more effective and economical, improving a transport company’s collaboration with partners, and making communication more convenient and flexible.


    The app provides real-time information on the tracked assets to heighten productivity and efficiency. It allows you to see the movement of assets to structure efficient routes and allocate drivers. This way, you can keep your customers happy with accurate time frames and scheduling details.


    Quick help in emergency


    The safety of the employees is just as important as good quality work. The free driver tracking app enables the workforce to report any type of emergency or problem easily to the dispatch center where the system can instantly notify the manager in charge for rapid response. The message provides the position of the vehicle in need of assistance, so help can be on the way as soon as possible.



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